2021 Botanical Blue

Botanical blue 2
Botanical blue 1
Botanical blue 4
Botanical blue 3

Older graphic works

The older series are listed below by year. To view the photos per Series, go to the menu at the top of the page. Under menu item Visual Arts – Graphics you can select which series you want to see. It is also possible to click on the graphic work shown or on the link for each series.

2021 Enlightment By Colours

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2020 Into My Garden

Confinesse 1

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Into my Garden

2019 Tao


2019 Mirrors of the soul


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2016 Birth

Birds 1
Birth 1

2015 PS Revisited

PS revisited 9

2015 Searching for MR


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2015 Particles

Particles 1

2014 Ginkgo


2014 Abundance

Abundance 1