2019 – Tao


A long process of searching for my roots and inner peace resulted in this series. Tao stands for the Way. Pax (peace) and Lux (light) speak for themselves. The lotus symbolizes life force, from the mud on the bottom the flower finds its way through the water to the sun. The seed pod that remains represents the continuation of life. A leporello begins with a poem in the Dutch language:

de weg tot aan de einder

waar lotus bloeit
vrede groeit
komt licht
in zicht

The leporello

Triptique Pax 1
Triptique Pax 2
Triptique Pax 3
Pax 3
Pax 1

Pax 2
Lux 1
Lux 6
Lux 2

Lotus 2
Lotus 5
Lotus 3

Lotus 8

Lotus 9