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The word enneagram comes from the Greek ennea, meaning ‘nine’, and gramme: line.. The enneagram is symbolised by a circle into nine points: Each point represents a specific personality type. Nine lines connect the points to one another. Being set on a circle there is no hiererachy. 

The Enneagram is a personality model
Each personality type has one main characteristic which expresses its passion and preoccupation. This characteristic directs our behaviour and defines our look at the world. Most people usually have one dominant personality type, defined during adolescence. However, the lines allow for connections with all other types. In this way the Enneagram gives insight in not only one’s own character, serving as a guide to personal development, but also gives insight in the relationship with and the understanding of other people.

Nine Enneagram Types
are described from the way they approach life. The model aims to provide insight into one’s own character and relationships with others. Each of the Enneagram’s nine personality types is built around a central passion. The passion and preoccupation that result from this determine the philosophy of each of the nine types in this model.
Understanding the Enneagram aims to help people understand themselves and others, and in particular why people respond to each other in certain ways. It also aims to provide guidance for achieving personal growth.

The nine types are:
Type ONE: the Perfectionist: realistic, conscientious, thorough and principled
Type TWO: the Giver: warm, loyal, helpful and nurturing
Type THREE:  the Successful Worker: energetic, optimistic, self-confident and purposeful
Type FOUR: the Individualist: sensitive, warm and perceptive
Type FIVE:  the Observer: introvert, inquisitive, analytical and insightful
Type SIX:  the Loyalist: responsible, doubting, reliable and loyal
Type SEVEN: the Epicurean: energetic, lively and optimistic
Type EIGHT: the Boss: direct, independent, self-confident and protective
Type NINE: the Mediator: receptive, good-natured, and supportive

“Man experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest
– a kind of optical deception of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison that limits us to our personal desires
and to affection for only a few people.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison
by expanding the circle of our compassion to include all living beings
and to embrace all of nature in its beauty. “

Albert Einstein


Workshops  in the Netherlands and the South of France.

  • Workshop Enneagram I (Basic),
  • an Enneagram II Workshop (deepening),
  • Workshop Enneagram III

    Workshops can take place in France, Holland or at a location chosen by the participants. There is a possibility to inscribe individually or as a group (minimally four). It is always possible to fit the workshop to the special wishes of the participants.

    (Enneagram and Spirituality).



Type interview

 To those who wish to individually deepen the awareness and understanding of their place in the Enneagram I offer a type interview. This interview will enable to discover their dominant personality type and will define the motivations and emotions belonging to it.

The results from the  interview can form the basis of a coaching process. 


The type interview can be deepened and extended by a coaching. This coaching aims at the personal development and growth of the participant. Its program will be put together by mutual agreement, for the aim is to work together at the specific questions and problems this person is confronted with. Generally the coaching takes five sessions of an hour each. Not more, for the aim is to come to a point where the participant can handle the problem by him or herself. During the coaching sessions special exercises, mental and/or physical, can be applied in order to create an atmosphere of safety and confidence.

Of course strict confidentiality will be guaranteed.