visual art


Initially I found my inspiration in universal themes (beauty, freedom/captivity, search for balance). The experience is up to the imagination of the viewer and the discovery of different aspects. I like to work intuitively.
Over time, nature in all its manifestations and with its life force has become my guiding inspiration andleads to themes and series, which I have worked out in different ways. For example, objects have been made, inspired by the Japanese packaging art of small foodstuffs, which are usually wrapped in leaves. This resulted in the series Leaves and bundles (Bladeren en Bundels) . From the theme ‘Shelters’ the series Scale- and Nestshapes arose: scale- and bowl shapes that evoke associations with bird’s nests. Based on the theme of ‘movement’, the nest shapes transform into blownests. The ceramics are combined with iron wire. The lotus seed pod and the ginkgo leaves are used in standing and wall objects.