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systemic work

Systemic work
includes Family Constellations with a group (12 to 15 people), where one person poses a (future-oriented) question. The other participants are set up as representatives for family members and possibly. Abstract concepts. In the so-called ‘knowing field’ things/situations that were hidden until then come to light. This methodology was designed by Bert Hellinger and is further elaborated in various ways. However, the core remains the same. The point is that the person concerned gains a clear view of the problems that prevent him/her from living freely and spontaneously.

I work one on one; in general this will be a table setup. You can see it as a miniature family setup, with figures as representatives. This can also provide clarity, creating an opening to move forward.

Interesting and readable literature in this area are the books by Els van Steijn (in Dutch): De Fontein, vind je plek en maak wijze keuzes. Bert Hellinger has written several books, including The Hidden Dynamics of Family Ties.

If you experience something as dark,
you want to see it.

If you experience something as pinching,
you want to let go.

When you experience something as tangled,
you want to untangle.